TalentBrew 360

How do you make the most of your candidate traffic and recruitment strategies?

Candidates don’t always take the direct path and apply for a job when they visit your site. It can be a multistep, multisession and multichannel decision cycle. That’s why it’s important to have a solution in place that allows you to better capitalize on all of your traffic – automatically reengaging job seekers and even building digital personas to attract new talent.

Focus on high-value candidates.

TalentBrew 360 (TB 360) is a programmatic media solution that remarkets to candidates who’ve expressed interest, but didn’t take the next step. It also prospects for new talent who have similarities to your best applicants, introducing them to your brand. TB 360 is fully integrated with the TalentBrew Software Platform, so you’re leveraging your own data to maximize all of your communications initiatives. This innovative solution can increase conversion rates and make your media spend work more efficiently.

Built-in intelligence. Sophisticated automation.

When a job seeker visits your TalentBrew Career Site, you know where they came from, how long they spent on the site, pages they viewed, and if they applied for a job or not. Using this data, TB 360 automatically builds audience lists, classifying and ranking users based on their actions.

Working with TMP’s strategists, you prioritize your hiring needs and TB 360 initiates remarketing by prioritizing high-demand audiences, while limiting efforts against lower-demand audiences. Ideal candidates will be responsibly served branded messages – influencing their consideration. And optimized, prominent ad placements ensure that your messaging is actually seen.

New candidates are identified with TB 360’s prospecting capabilities. It intuitively develops digital personas based on the high-demand applicants you’ve defined. Then, TB 360 reaches out to those who are actively engaged in a job search, but haven’t looked at your positions yet.

TB 360 continually audits and validates audience lists to ensure accuracy with a proprietary audience-building framework and feedback loop. That means you won’t waste media dollars targeting the wrong candidates. These features, along with the full TMP metrics integration, work to deliver optimal campaign performance and improved ROI.

Reengage potential candidates using the power of TalentBrew 360.

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