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What if having the right tools to find candidates meant they actually found you?

Streamline your talent acquisition and produce results with the TalentBrew recruitment marketing platform. From attraction and engagement to optimization and tracking, the TalentBrew software platform uses the latest technology to activate your recruitment brand and simplify every aspect of your recruiting process.

TalentBrew - Personalize. Connect. Convert.

Attract and Engage your audience.

Whether it’s sudden growth, high turnover or workforce diversification, we’ll help you attract, engage and hire the right people.


Activate Your Brand.

From a simple refresh to building something from the ground up, you’ll have a compelling employer brand that’s effective across any channel, device or language. Using innovative creative development, employer brand strategy, audience segmentation and robust search technology, the TalentBrew Software Platform employs the latest web development practices to turn your jobs and content into powerful, portable and searchable combinations that attract and engage the right talent. You can truly tell a story with each job, pairing it to related content – like information about local surroundings, company culture and department team members – all based on your candidates’ search behavior.


Optimize and Track Your Results.

From CPA, CPH, time to hire, hire ratio, quality of application and quality of hire, you’ll have metrics and in-depth analytics that tell a powerful story – shining a light on optimization solutions. The TalentBrew Software Platform gives you a variety of customizable modules and the creative flexibility to promote jobs, locations and categories based on your strategies – increasing your ROI. You’ll be able to track every step your audiences take, through application and beyond, simplifying your process and maximizing your budget.


Build Your Knowledge.

The TalentBrew Software Platform is constantly evolving to anticipate industry trends and your company’s talent acquisition needs. Driving these innovations are TMP’s global industry leaders – passionate and knowledgeable individuals who are at your service, so you can stay competitive with innovative technologies and strategies.

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Push jobs and content directly to candidates, create consistent brand messaging, track your success and pull in just the right hires with the TalentBrew Software Platform.

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