TMP Labs

What if there were no what ifs?

Innovation drives innovation. And forward thinking is not a line item attached to a project, it’s at the core of everything we do at TMP. From client education, to employee-submitted “ideas of the quarter,” to the conceptual solutions developed by our TMP Labs team, we’re dedicated to keeping you aware of what’s new and ahead of what’s next. It’s a constant focus on defining emerging technology trends and pushing the limits of analytics to deliver solutions that change the way you build talent.

The core TMP Labs team.

TMP Labs is where we create the future of talent acquisition and the candidate experience. Our core labs team – led by Todd Maycunich and Craig Knutson – combines global thought leaders throughout the business, each with a unique professional background and set of skills. We have dedicated resources and a company-wide objective to design experiences that challenge the possibilities – for you and your audiences.

TMP Labs Experiences

  • Wearables

    From watches to clothing, smart devices will guide your lifestyle and improve your work experience.

  • The Internet of Things

    Everyday objects are being brought online to communicate, exchange and collect data for attraction, engagement, onboarding and more.

  • The sharing economy

    Recruitment and staffing trends are evolving as industries are being disrupted by people sharing goods, services, technology and resources.

  • Proximity marketing

    Messaging, experiences and engagement will become increasingly personalized based on candidate location.

  • Interactive events

    From virtual and augmented realities to personalized billboards, interactivity with employer brands is becoming fully immersive.

  • Crowdsourcing

    Companies are relying more on internal and external group input to influence business decisions, assess future talent needs and even help define your employment brand.

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