Brand Development

Where does your brand begin?

Get to the heart of what makes your organization special. Craft a promise to employees and customers. And distinguish who you are and what you uniquely offer. Your brand is a strategic platform that not only serves as the foundation for your creative, but also guides your channel strategies and the numerous ways people experience your organization.

The ingredients of a great brand.

Our Brand Consultants work with you to understand your specific objectives, attributes and metrics for success, gathering and analyzing quantitative and qualitative research. It’s about aligning the aspirations of leadership with the experiences of your employees and perceptions of customers. This process yields a brand strategy that not only drives compelling and relevant communications and experiences, but also is representative of your brand’s current realities and desired image.

Building a strong foundation.

Your value proposition (VP), and/or employment value proposition (EVP) is the core component of your brand. For customers, employees, influencers and other stakeholders, it defines why engaging with your organization is worth their while. It also can communicate what you look for in a long-term relationship with your audience. The VP is the thread that connects your organization’s “lived vision” to the audience’s experience – aligning what you say with what you do. It’s the catalyst behind all of your communications, from social and content to branded jobs to your website.

Measuring your promise.

Even after you’ve defined your VP, It’s important to stay on the pulse of your organization, tracking how well your employees and customers believe your attributes are being delivered. Both our VP Pulse Survey (existing employees and/or customers) and Early Impressions Survey (new hires or customer) provide internal perceptions of brand effectiveness, giving you the ability to assess strengths and gaps. These tools provide valuable and ongoing litmus tests that illuminate opportunities to modify or revise messaging, media or the overall brand experience.

Create a brand strategy that’s distinctive, true to the experience and emotionally engaging.

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