Creative A/B Testing

What does an effective ad look like?

We’ll help you test multiple creative executions in real time. Instantly see which digital ads are outperforming others. And uncover which messaging resonates best with your target audience. A/B testing is a fantastic tool that helps take the subjective nature out of creative evaluation.

Know what works with certainty.

Our creative optimization testing is an automated process that provides detailed reporting on the effectiveness of creative executions. The audience essentially chooses which creative resonates best with them by clicking on the ad. This ensures that the candidate, rather than the agency or client, determines what creative campaign works best.

A simple and cost-efficient process.

Using the Google Content Network or existing media placements as a testing ground, you can show multiple banners to candidates – with different creative – and then monitor the resulting activity. Each banner is served separately to correctly measure the response. And using real-time optimization, each banner is placed equally at first, and then we begin to bias the better-performing banners.

Move your communications forward with the confidence that proven creative provides.

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