Content Marketing

How do you attract and convert more prospects?

Social communities and heavy influencers have the power to bring your brand into the spotlight – but they need a reason to embrace you. Content tells your story, shaping the conversation around your brand and attracting new audiences. A comprehensive content strategy – powered by intelligent technologies – can drive engagement from the right mix of people.

Increase your conversion rates with engaging content.

Content is a word that’s mentioned a lot these days. It can seal the deal for an active customer, confirming their belief in your company. It can also turn passive job seekers into warm leads by exposing them to positive stories about your organization or industry insight. Engaging content can even lower your media costs over time by driving new traffic from search engines and social media.

Amplify your story.

Content is more than a few tweets and a photo – it’s a comprehensive strategy and a valuable investment. We’ll help you develop a range of interesting and entertaining articles, videos, employee profiles and infographics – all aligned with your brand. Plus, you can reuse and repurpose it on a dozen different platforms for maximum efficiency.

For the most effective recruiting, connect content to jobs and jobs to content.

Relevancy is key. Your content has to be in the right place and matched to the right jobs in order to be truly effective. Our custom content solutions are designed to work in tandem with your TalentBrew Career Site – curating content from multiple sources and embedding it into customized, branded landing pages on your career site next to relevant jobs. And from there, it can be pushed to candidates on any device.

Drive engagement and bring the right customers and career candidates to your door with our wide range of content solutions.

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