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How a Positive Candidate Experience Impacts the Business for the Better at Enterprise Holdings Candidate Experience / Webinar

With the right partners, tools, and processes you can deliver a quality candidate experience. - Talent Board

At Enterprise Holdings, great customer service is at the core of their business, and that extends through to potential candidates, too. Even with the massive volume of applicants they have year over year, with the combination of the right people and the right technology, they strive to provide their candidates with a process that is both highly responsive as well as approachable.

In this webinar President of Global Programs at Talent Board, Kevin Grossman; Vice President of Talent Acquisition at Enterprise Holdings Inc., Marie Artim; and Talent Acquisition Systems Manager at Enterprise Holdings Inc., Shuree Sockel, explore:

  • How Enterprise builds out a personalized recruitment career site experience that provides direct access to local recruitment teams in the U.S.
  • How Enterprise treats their candidates at every stage of the process — from pre-application to onboarding
  • How candidate experience impacts the business bottom line via Talent Board research

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