TMP Online ERP

February 15

Studies and surveys have shown that Employee Referral Programs (ERPs) are one of the most effective ways a company can source and acquire new employees. Attracting the best people at the lowest cost is a value proposition no recruiter can resist.

Moving the promotion, administration and tracking functionality of an ERP to an online setting can further increase the value of an ERP. Using an online setting, companies can drive all employees to an online site to review the rules, search openings and refer their friends, all while providing recruiters back-end access to view candidates and run reporting.

While custom solutions can be completed, TMP Worldwide's Online ERP offering is a turnkey solution that provides everything needed to communicate and administer a successful program. This quick turnaround solution can be deployed within weeks and provides a variety of options to meet the needs of specific situations. Do you need the ERP site to site within your Intranet? We'll work with you. Do you expect the employee to submit their friend's resume, or would you like the system to generate an email to the referred party? TMP will work with you to find the solution that works best.

With an online ERP program a company can lower their cost per hire, generate a flow of qualified candidates, improve their selection process, enhance employee morale, improve retention and strengthen their employer brand. Does your ERP do this for you now?

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