A Short-Term Destination Site for Targeted Recruitment Initiatives

February 15

The hiring needs of organizations often change throughout the year - and sourcing strategies often need to change with them. For instance, a new store opening or a short-term, very specific hiring initiative can require a targeted approach. Even with the best of planning, these situations often arise quickly and require quick action. Aside from the newspapers and job boards, it is often difficult to highlight your opportunity appropriately even on your careers website. It is even more difficult, if not impossible or appropriate, to implement the short-term changes needed to the careers section of your corporate website to respond to these specific initiatives.

That's where the TMP campaign site comes in. The TMP Campaign Site is a quick/turnkey way to provide a web presence for a short-term targeted campaign while maintaining the company brand and look and feel of the organization.

With The TMP Campaign Site, we will create the pages, write the content, optimize it for search engines, allow candidates to respond via email or online form if desired, provide links back to the corporate website, and even provide web log analytic reporting all for one price and in a short turnaround time.

To learn more about this opportunity to create a targeted message in support of your recruitment campaign, contact your TMP representative, call 1-866-888-6585 or email us at

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