Global Partners to Meet at "Inspiration Days" Conference in Barcelona

February 15

TMP Worldwide's ongoing commitment to our global customers and our network of worldwide partners continues to strengthen. From March 6th - 7th, global partners from Europe will join TMP Worldwide senior leadership for a two-day meeting to be held in Barcelona, Spain — to share best practices, trends, and new ideas for helping clients through digital recruitment products and services.

"Our commitment to innovation and knowledge sharing is what enables TMP Worldwide to maintain its leadership in the areas of global and multinational recruitment and retention," said Joe Howell, VP Global Relationship Manager, TMP Worldwide.

More than 45 leaders will meet for this two-day event that will feature network discussions on digital trends (including Second Life on TMP Island), best practices, web development, and ROI. Online product demonstrations for Campaign Management and Job VIPeR will also take place.

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For more information on our global offering, please visit our new Global Network site or email Joe Howell, at

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