TMP Hosts Global Digital Vision Summit

February 15

On Thursday, March 10, the worlds of interactivity and global staffing will come together in San Francisco, California. That is when senior HR professionals involved in global staffing will meet at the Global Digital Vision Summit - a TMP-sponsored event - to discuss how the latest digital solutions can reach job seekers from around the world.

Issues to be discussed include the use of local languages versus English, management of international website content, applicant tracking systems for global staffing, leveraging global marketing brands and new, international HR paradigms.

Global staffing professionals from companies as well known as IBM, HP, Microsoft, eBay, Intel, Agilent, Nike, Deloitte, Countywide, Royal Bank of Scotland and Google will share their experiences, learn from their peers and discuss relevant topics. The focus of the summit will be centered on the best use of a global career site as the hub for the entire recruitment hiring process.

The summit will be from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm at TMP Worldwide's Western Region Office. TMP executives specializing in interactivity, global branding, creative and global account service will be in attendance. In addition, TMP will host a post-summit social event in the City by the Bay.

Learn about the Summit's findings in the April issue of The Edge.

For more information, contact Joe Howell, VP Global Relationship Manager, at 206-251-9063 or Or Tammy Garmey, Global Digital Consultant, at 312-321-5836 or

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