Introducing Campaign Management 2.0

February 15

TMP Worldwide has released the latest version of our industry-leading sourcing metrics solution, Campaign Management 2.0. This new and improved tracking and reporting service recognizes true ROI by optimizing existing and future campaigns using true apples-to-apples sourcing statistics.

The latest release includes a revised client portal that is available 24/7 to clients looking for the latest information at their fingertips. Enhancements to the portal include:

  • Usability improvements/drill-down capabilities
  • Monthly trends per media and individual placement/creative
  • "Milestone" reporting - allowing clients to enter specific "milestone" events and see the impact on their sourcing strategies
  • Additional choices for data visualization (chart types, specific date ranges, etc.)

The latest release also features improved internal tools that allow TMP Analysts to provide monthly/quarterly reports to clients, focusing on the highlights and areas of concern for their sourcing campaign. New internal QA procedures will alert a dedicated TMP trouble-shooter when there are any issues with media serving creative. This enhanced ability to monitor a campaign allows TMP Analysts to ensure that all media buys are served on-time and without incident.

Campaign Management Screen

Campaign Management can answer a lot of the questions you have about media, such as:

  • What media is bringing in the lowest cost-per-application?
  • Has the banner/sponsorship campaign that is running increased the application rate?
  • Which placement on a specific media is providing the highest ROI?
  • What creative execution is generating the greatest candidate response?
  • How has the email campaign performed this month compared to the email campaign last quarter?
  • Are there decreasing returns when more money is spent on a specific media?
Campaign Management Screen

The value of Campaign Management hasn't changed - companies spend considerable amounts of money on sourcing strategies and need to ensure the budget is allocated correctly. The latest release only improves TMP's ability to deliver. Candidate recruiting trends are constantly evolving and success varies client-to-client, campaign-to-campaign, and media-to-media. Campaign Management can make sense of it all.

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