TMP's Strategic Practice Group

February 15

This month David talks about TMP's Strategic Practice Group.

Over the last few years, TMP Worldwide's brand group has had the opportunity to work with some truly amazing clients. Almost invariably, as each research engagement came to its conclusion with our delivery and our client's approval of brand positioning, we've left the engagement with a strong sense that the insights our research generated had still more to yield.

As a result, and as we continue to fill in the contours of our post-Monster identity, I'm especially excited to partner in the kickoff of our newly formed Strategic Practices Group.

Led by Danielle King, the Strategic Practices Group will integrate TMP's brand strategy, knowledge management, internal communications, diversity and retention offerings to provide a seamless set of strategic solutions to match your needs across the whole "engagement continuum," providing you with a line of sight-and insight-ranging from attraction to post-termination.

Developing an integrated solution will take work and time, but making this happen is a top priority for each practice team (brand, communications, knowledge management, diversity and retention) and practice leader.

For the brand group, this represents an opportunity to deliver on more of the insights research generates: it allows your agency partner to help you more fully realize the strength of your brand and the engagement of your workforce.

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