TMP Worldwide brings recruitment to Second Life

February 15

Recruitment Advertising Agency Continues to Innovate with Digital Services

New York-February 12, 2007- TMP Worldwide Advertising & Communications, the world's largest independent recruitment advertising agency, today announced that it will bring new capabilities to corporate recruitment in 2007 via TMP Island, the company's space within the popular Second Life virtual world. TMP Island is a space where recruiters will be able to network with prospective candidates, host events, conduct employee presentations, and even build virtual replicas of their real-world offices for unprecedented interaction with job seekers. "Initiatives like TMP Island showcase our dedication to innovation, our ability to bring imaginative, next-generation practices to employment marketing, and our commitment to finding leading-edge solutions for our customers," said Michelle Abbey, president and CEO, TMP Worldwide.

Second Life is a 3-D online virtual world, currently inhabited by roughly 3.4 million residents who have the ability to engage in various forms of personal interaction and commerce.

Already, major corporations are showing interest. T-Mobile, for one, has been impressed by the potential benefits TMP can offer through Second Life. "At T-Mobile we're always looking for innovative ways to reach top talent," said Judy Wright, senior program manager, employer branding for T-Mobile. "We're very excited about the possibilities TMP Island will offer, and we believe we'll be able to connect with our candidate pool in a distinct way that is as entertaining as it is informative."

"TMP Island represents the future of employment recruiting," said Russell Miyaki, VP, national digital creative director, TMP Worldwide. "To reach a new generation of employees, successful recruiters will need to employ sophisticated, innovative technologies that extend their reach and demonstrate that they are smart and tech-savvy. TMP Island on Second Life is a great solution."

TMP expects a number of notable events to take place on TMP Island throughout 2007, beginning in the first half of the year.

"Virtual worlds like Second Life will allow for brand immersion like never before, from showcasing a company's capabilities in a dynamic environment, to getting a better understanding of a candidate's creativity, to the benefits of networking in real-time from disparate locations," said Louis Vong, VP, digital strategy, TMP Worldwide. " TMP Island will provide our clients with a multitude of capabilities-and we are just beginning to scratch the surface of what's possible."

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