Have you ever needed a simple and customizable way to manage event registration?

February 15

TMP Worldwide offers an innovative tool that does just that. Our Event Registration Site is truly unique. You can create a branded website extremely fast, allowing job seekers to register and search for your upcoming events over the course of the year. With Event Site you will have a better handle on the amount of materials you need for your event and the number of guests attending, and you can pre-screen candidates to ensure that you're inviting qualified individuals. The Event Site allows you to advertise multiple recruiting events to prospective employees while tracking visitors' responses and managing communication in real time. You can even showcase specific job openings that an event is tailored towards by providing descriptions, skills needed, requirements and other valuable position information.

If you are looking to automatically screen and invite candidates to multiple career events throughout the year, or simply allow candidates to pre-register and be able to access an on-line resource, all of the tools you need are included with Event Site. The tracking tool allows you to see who has completed the registration, allowing you to download a complete list of all registered attendees without going through the separate hassle of list management.

In addition, Event Site gives you complete content management control to post your events in real time, anytime. TMP offers basic Level I and enhanced Level II Event Site to fit your needs. No matter what type of event you're planning, Event Site can help:

  • Provide comprehensive details on your recruiting events while maximizing employer brand with fewer restrictions than print advertising.
  • Drive job seeker traffic from a print advertisement to a professional website for more details.
  • Allow candidates to register for events and upload contact information and resumes.
  • Track and manage respondent information to better prepare for your event.
  • Maximize features such as screening questions to ensure the highest level of quality participation at your event.
  • Post unlimited events in real time.

For more information and pricing, please contact your Account Representative at TMP Worldwide or send an email to: To learn more about Event Site visit

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