TMP Worldwide Brings the Digital Candidate Experience to SAHRP Conference

September 18

NEW YORK, NY--(Sep 17, 2015)-

Louis Vong, vice president, Digital Strategy for TMP Worldwide, a global innovator in talent acquisition

Will present the session, "The Digital Candidate Experience," at the Saskatchewan Association of Human Resource Professionals (SAHRP) 2015 Conference.

Tuesday, October 6 - Wednesday, October 7, 2015
Vong is scheduled to speak on Tuesday, October 6 at 2:00 p.m. CDT.

SAHRP 2015 Conference
Prairieland Park
503 Ruth Street West
Saskatoon, Sask.

Social and mobile technologies continue to change the way companies connect with potential candidates. The challenge is that with so much innovation in such a short period of time, how can employers stay on top of what's new in technology?

During the SAHRP 2015 Conference, Louis Vong, vice president, Digital Strategy for TMP Worldwide, will explore the growth of social and mobile technologies and explain how companies can adapt existing recruiting strategies in order to communicate and engage candidates in the digital world. In addition, Vong will share industry insights and real-life examples to demonstrate the different ways employers are using technology to successfully source, engage and retain top talent. Session attendees will take away a deep understanding of the power of social and mobile solutions as well as actionable insights that can be applied to the recruiting efforts at their organization.

HR professionals, recruiters and hiring managers who are interested in learning more about recruiting strategies for today's digital world are encouraged to attend this engaging session. To learn more about the SAHRP 2015 Conference, visit:

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