TMP's Enhanced Diversity & Inclusion Offering Provides Strategic, Measurable Solutions

February 15

Diversity communications has always been a vital part of TMP's suite of recruitment solutions. In an effort to better serve our clients and better address contemporary hiring goals and objectives, we're proud to introduce our enhanced diversity and inclusion program.

Facing one of the biggest challenges in recruitment today, we've created an end-to-end system that gives you the power to monitor and improve your diversity and inclusion progress. To helm of our enhanced offering, TMP has hired Ron Owens as the company's first ever Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion.

Drawing on 35 years as a leader in the advertising industry and decades of experience in multicultural communications, Owens will help public and private sector organizations better understand how to create programs that reach diverse populations with cogent messaging in broad-based and niche media. TMP Regional Vice President Lindsay Wozniak announced, "Ron's experience and the creation of his post at the Vice President level underscore our commitment to new, measurable solutions for attracting, hiring and retaining diverse job candidates."

To succeed in the new world of American business, where the country's population is diversifying more and more every day, every organization needs to mirror the country's increasingly diverse make-up while striving to include all individuals without discrimination towards disability, sexual orientation, religion, national origin or age.

"Our clients need an in-depth approach to diversity and inclusion that goes beyond catch phrases, stock photography and predictable media buys," Wozniak added. TMP's solution is based on four primary components that can help companies at any stage of their diversity program:

  • Analysis and Benchmarking with qualitative and quantitative research to create an accurate picture of the internal and external "attitudinal environment," affecting diverse candidates;
  • Training and Education, including live seminars and workshops as well as online webinars to help build a culture of inclusion
  • Messaging and Outreach to craft an authentic image of your organization as an inclusive employer, test the messages and then deliver them through strategic media; and
  • Evaluation and Optimization, featuring the proprietary TMP Worldwide Diversity Metrics Gateway that provides real-time data to compare both media and messages, from initial click to cost-per-applicant.

Owens summed up TMP's enhanced solutions for diversity by saying, "U.S. businesses are waking up to the fact that workforce development must evolve to be successful today and be well positioned for long-term growth. TMP's solution provides organizations with the tools, processes and expertise to continually improve their diversity and inclusion recruitment and retention."

For more detailed information on TMP's diversity offerings, contact your TMP representative

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