Product Spotlight: Job VIPeR

February 15

When posting a position online, a users' main objective is to ensure their job posting is highly visible, searchable, and live immediately. As you may know, that is usually much easier said than done. Posting one position to multiple boards has become a time-consuming, tedious process, not to mention the chore of keeping track of membership and inventory information. And if that's not enough, do you really know which job board your applicant activity is coming from?

Enter Job VIPeR; TMP's job distribution tool that will standardize your posting practices. Job VIPeR can help you pare down your posting time from 15 minutes for one board to 5 minutes for multiple boards saving valuable time. Job VIPeR (see image below) integrates with applicant tracking systems (ATS) to reduce duplicate entry when posting to multiple job boards. It gives you a standardized interface to post your jobs, manages your job board inventory, and also shows you your applicant activity by individual job for each job board you post to.

Product Profile Job Viper

Job VIPeR's built-in intelligence allows you to split your company into hierarchical business structures. That means you can report across your recruiter's posting habits the same way you would monitor any other critical business activity such as by division, region or even cost center. With this functionality, you can also split your posting packages across different business groups - which leads to fewer arguments over which group is hogging all of the job board postings.

Combine Job VIPeR with TMP's Metrics Gateway tool (see bar graph below) and you suddenly have insight to metrics you may never have known existed. Job VIPeR can work with your ATS and the Metrics Gateway to provide you with data including number of applications received by media and number of applications received by job category - all the way down to cost per application! This can help you decide if you are using your job postings packages efficiently and also give you the ability to determine where you're getting your best application results.

Product Profile Job Viper

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