TMP's ENHANCED Online Resume Mining Service (ORMS)

February 15

TMP's Online Resume Mining offerings have served as a beneficial resource to many of our valued clients over the last eight years. We've recently enhanced this already successful product by listening to our customers' feedback and creating a unique Web-based portal, accessible for all ORM customers at no additional cost.

So what's new?


We've created additional functionality based on feedback from our customers. These include:

  • Screening capabilities (up to 10 questions, complete with weighting and disqualifying capabilities)
  • A fully-functioning online portal where you can view, download resumes and provide feedback to the ORMS team. Resumes can be sorted by date, name, screening results or your own personal rating.
  • Per-search reporting on search criteria, search strings used, and dates searched
  • The ability to export names/information to an Excel document for future use in email-marketing/relationship management
  • The ability to export candidates to ATS/databases using XML*

These enhancements are available, at no extra cost, with our complete suite of ORMS offerings.

Choose the offering that best fits your unique needs.

One of the greatest things about our Online Resume Mining Service is that we offer what can be thought of as "custom packages" at a variety of levels:

  • Express - ideal for quick search
  • Classic - a reliable pipeline of resumes delivered
  • Connect - let us contact the candidates to determine interest and suitability - and now screen them
  • Annual - ongoing service to meet ongoing needs for a specific opening

To learn more about our Online Resume Mining Service, please visit: or contact me at:

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