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February 15

A Splog and an Imglish walk into a pub...

...the Splog says to the Imglish, "Are you in the text-off today?" "afaik, I s/b. ttyl," replied the Imglish. lol.

OK, if you understood any of that then maybe you're part of the generation that was an early adopter, or you grew up knowing no other way of communicating. Connective technologies such as mobile phones have become such a big part of our lives that many of us feel lost without them...yes, we're talking to you.

So how do we keep up? What can we do to stay relevant and cool with our target audience? Mobile marketing is becoming what Internet advertising was a few years ago. More clients are recognizing the need to build campaigns that go straight to the phone via WAP, SMS or MMS in addition to developing mobile advergames.

So what's the buzz about?

There are more mobile phone subscribers in the world - 1.4 billion - than there are landline subscribers, with over 350 billion text messages sent every month (Mobile Marketing Association, June 2006). China has the largest number of mobile phone subscribers at 426 million, sending 25 billion text messages a month (AP, July 2006). The US sends roughly 10 billion texts a month (SF Chronicle, August 2006).

89% of major brands plan to market to mobile phones via SMS or MMS, with half of these brands anticipating spending 25% of marketing budgets catering to the mobile (Business Wire, February 2006).

The US is still behind as compared to Europe and Asia, where the mobile phone impacts every part of the users' lives. In Japan and South Korea, they've been purchasing retail goods from vending machines with the mobile phone for a few years, whereas has only recently been looking at technology to begin making payments via the cell phone.

So what does this mean for talent marketing? Imagine the ability to setup SMS job alerts that connect directly to your applicant tracking systems. Or serving up prescreening questions via SMS. Imagine providing free advergames on your career site that help market your employer brand. Imagine posting shortcodes on all your advertisements and letting applicants SMS their resume. Just a few things to think about.

Oh, and if you can decipher that terrible joke, send me an email - or text me at 206.679.7631.

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