New White Paper From TMP Worldwide: How to Create an Effective Mobile Recruitment Strategy

May 30

NEW YORK, NY--(May 30, 2013) - TMP Worldwide Advertising & Communications, LLC, a global tech-enabled talent acquisition company, today announced the release of its latest white paper, "Rudiments of an Effective Mobile Recruitment Strategy," to highlight the steps employers can take to maximize their talent acquisition strategy and fully benefit from the potential that mobile technology provides.

The use of mobile devices for information consumption has grown rapidly and steadily, with nearly 50 percent of the entire U.S. population owning a smartphone. These are increasingly used in nearly all aspects of people's personal and professional lives, and the job search is no exception. With candidates using their mobile devices, whether smartphone or tablet, to search and apply for jobs, employers must be able to keep up with the changing technology and provide job seekers with a mobile-optimized experience to learn and easily apply to their open positions.

In "Rudiments of an Effective Mobile Recruitment Strategy," David Spector, global head of Mobile for TMP and author of the research, outlines the key steps necessary to develop an effective mobile recruitment program. The white paper includes tips on creating a mobile experience that puts the end users first, by ensuring easy navigation, prioritized information and quickly loading content. It also presents best practices that employers can use to ensure they connect with top talent by fully leveraging location-based functionality and social networks to promote employment opportunities to targeted candidates.

Key highlights from the white paper include:

  • The need to be platform agnostic - With the wide range of mobile devices available, each with different hardware, operating systems and capabilities, developing proprietary solutions can prevent the company from reaching a wide audience. Instead, employers can benefit from using common technical standards, responsive web design and progressive enhancement and graceful degradation to ensure their content can be viewed appropriately regardless of which device and browser candidates use.

  • Provide achievable calls to action - As mobile technology enables users to be more spontaneous than on a desktop or laptop computer, the company must provide calls to action to ensure they respond to job postings. Enabling candidates to apply directly from their devices, send a job posting link to themselves to complete at a later date or share with friends, and join a talent community are integral to a successful mobile recruitment strategy.

  • Measure and refine - The ability to measure the success of the mobile strategy is necessary to constantly improve it. To ensure positive results, the company should measure and track the candidate sources that are performing best for each type of roles, which will enable the employer to meet specific objectives and achieve maximum return on investment.

"Talent acquisition is a constantly evolving function, and the employers that are able to keep up with changing trends and technology will be best suited for hiring success," said Spector. "Organizations that delay the development of a mobile recruiting strategy will be unable to extend their reach to the wide number of candidates increasingly dependent on their mobile devices to search for and apply to employment opportunities."

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