TMP Worldwide and AIA Worldwide Receive 13 Wins at Internet Advertising Competition Awards

March 29

NEW YORK (March 28, 2013) – TMP Worldwide Advertising & Communications, LLC, a leading global tech-enabled talent acquisition company that leverages software, advertising and creativity to deliver award-winning products and services, today announced that the company, along with its UK office, AIA Worldwide, has received 13 awards at the Web Marketing Association’s 2013 Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Awards, including the prestigious “Outstanding Interactive Developer Award.”

The IAC Awards are designed to honor the individuals and organizations responsible for driving excellence in online advertising across 96 industries and a range of formats, including online ad, video, mobile, newsletter, email and social media. Recognizing the need for creative agencies to objectively demonstrate their ability to create outstanding online marketing materials, the awards give winning organizations the chance to set themselves apart in the highly competitive online advertising environment. Winners of the IAC Awards were selected based on criteria such as creativity, innovation, impact, use of the medium and memorability.

TMP and AIA were recognized for their innovative recruitment marketing campaigns with 12 category wins. In addition to four “Outstanding Website” awards, TMP won awards for “Best Employment Social Media Campaign,” “Best Employment Website,” “Best Education Rich Media Online Ad,” “Best Employment Online Ad” and “Best Education Social Media Campaign.” AIA captured “Best Employment Integrated Ad Campaign,” “Best Employment Online Video” and a win for “Outstanding Website.” Due to their industry leadership in online advertising and high number of category wins, TMP and AIA also received an “Outstanding Interactive Developer Award.”

“The IAC Awards recognize the very best achievements in online advertising, and it is a great honor to receive such high profile affirmation of our ability to deliver results to our clients across a range of media and platforms,” said Steve Graham, senior vice president, Creative Services for TMP Worldwide. “Through our dedication to providing clients with the best and most innovative software and creative solutions, we help them build campaigns that attract the right talent – and receive attention throughout the online advertising industry.”

About TMP Worldwide
TMP Worldwide is a global, tech-enabled talent acquisition company that leverages software, advertising and creativity to develop and deploy our clients’ employer brands across digital, social and mobile platforms connecting candidates with employers.

This strategic mix of talent and technology allows us to serve a global client base that spans virtually all sectors of private, public, and government employers, and positions us as the organization to define the standard of measurable and cost-effective solutions to the human capital management community.

About AIA worldwide
AIA Worldwide ( is the EMEA headquarters of the global, technology-enabled talent acquisition company, TMP Worldwide LLC. We lead the industry in developing new creative solutions, strategies and technologies to revolutionise the way our clients attract, engage and retain the best people. We combine local expertise and global resources. Since January 2009, we have been part of the world’s largest global network when we became a wholly-owned subsidiary of TMP Worldwide Advertising & Communications, LLC*. Our clients include some of the most significant organisations in finance, retail, industry, technology, healthcare and professional services.

*AIA Worldwide is neither owned by, nor otherwise connected with, TMP Worldwide UK – another privately-owned advertising company.

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