Weekly DigiKnow: Facebook Introduces Promoted Posts

June 04

Having revealed earlier this year that a brand page’s content reaches only 16% of fans, Facebook has introduced a new advertising opportunity aimed at broadening that reach through promoted content.

Page Admins can promote any post they’ve created within the past 3 days by visiting the sharing tool and designating a budget (starting at $5). Facebook will advise how many people you can expect to reach at each budget level.

As opposed to current Facebook advertising that appears in the right rail, promoted posts will be designated as sponsored and appear in the news feeds of the people who like your page. Additionally, when they interact with the post, it will then appear to their friends.

In the interest of maintaining relevancy in a user’s news feed, promoted posts can only be sponsored for up to 3 days. They can include geo-targeting, however, so career fairs, campus visits, and other recruiting events are great uses for this new feature. Facebook Promoted Posts

Sources: Facebook

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