TMP AdComms Plans to Launch Blogs

February 15

TMP is sharpening its digital edge with the planned launch of two TMP AdComms blogs. The first blog will be launched internally in the Western region as a pilot early next month. A month or so later, a companion blog targeting external audiences will follow.

"The internal blog will help me be in more regular contact with all of my staff," said Regional SVP Mike Pauletich. "That's a key personal objective, and it's also just good business," he said. "Ideally, the internal blog will enable the same sort of informal information sharing that happens when people work in the same physical space. "I'm confident we'll soon start feeling more like one region and less like many offices," said Pauletich.

"Once the internal blog is up and running we plan to move our learnings from the inside out," said David Kippen, Regional VP of Brand and Communications. "What we learn from the internal blog launch will give us an emerging communications best practice to share with our clients from a position of experience. When we launch the external blog, it will increase awareness of TMP's incredible knowledge capital and begin to visibly reposition us as thought leaders in our market space."

Look for a feature article in the April issue of The Edge.

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