Weekly DigiKnow: Employers Need to Create Content

April 20

100 billion. That’s how many global searches occur every month. 185 million of those are job-related (68 million in the US alone). It’s no wonder that search, including paid and organic, is the number one source of traffic for a website. We talked a few weeks ago about the importance of paid search as a component of your recruitment strategy, but how can you better capitalize on organic?

TalentBrew is a natural solution to ensure a company’s job families, locations, and individual positions are optimized. But to fully maximize SEO, employers must create content. Companies who post regular blogs have, on average, 434% more indexed pages than those who do not. But in the past year, many companies have started shying away from blogs, citing time constraints and liability concerns.

Enter TalentBrew Content Pages. They provide a quick-turn, search-engine friendly, proactive, and efficient method for creating information-rich web pages. Employers can further establish themselves as experts in their industry while promoting career opportunities, company events, etc.

Sources: Click Through, Google, Pew Research Center

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