Weekly DigiKnow: New Targeting Options on LinkedIn

April 17

Do candidates follow your company on LinkedIn? You may be surprised to learn that 70% of LinkedIn members follow or would follow companies on the site, and ? of them would follow companies “indefinitely.”

At TMP Worldwide we happen to have 4,670 followers, with titles ranging from Brand Ambassador to Executivo de Contas. Until now, our only option for communicating with these followers has been “one size fits all.” The same update goes to every follower, regardless of their occupation or location.

Enter Targeted Updates, a new service that allows companies to segment their followers by traits such as industry, company size, and geography. Status updates can then be customized to suit the different groups. In addition, an analytics dashboard dubbed Follower Statistics will allow companies to see how effective these Targeted Updates have been.

Currently, only a handful of companies are using the new services, with a system wide release to come in the next few months.

Sources: Business Insider, LinkedIn

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