It’s Something like a Phenomenon

March 22

Want to know what almost a third of the world’s population has in common?  Drum roll (turn down your speakers)… the Internet! Yes, of the approximately seven billion people that live on this Earth, 2.2 billion are active Internet users.  If that’s not phenomenal, then check this out: Of those two billion Internet users, 71% of them have visited a social network.

Why not tap into this global phenomenon? Social media accounts for 67% of the Internet population and is growing every month. Utilizing social media gives you the ability to reach passive, active and even internal candidates. So where do you start?

Start simple. Start for free. Start now.

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network on the Web and has over 135 million professionals around the world.  You can create a personal profile to begin building your network. Leverage your email contacts by asking them to join your network. You can then ask for introductions to other professionals that you want to network with.

You also have the ability to participate in groups – they exist for nearly every profession. Leverage groups by posting jobs to discussions or sending InMails to any group member.

Another easy way to fly into social is Twitter. With over 200 million users, Twitter gives you the ability to share information, gather market intelligence and insights and build relationships with people who care about your company.Twitter is used not only as a social network, but increasingly as a search engine.

You can establish audience-specific Twitter channels with your company’s name or you can set up your own personal account. Tweet content a few times each day – articles, hiring events, company news, etc.

If you have a TalentBrew site, TMP can set up a feed so that jobs are automatically published on Twitter. There is a minimal fee for this, but you don’t have to do any work and all your jobs are updated daily!

And let’s not forget Facebook. There is more traffic on Facebook than on the two major job boards… combined. Facebook reaches over 600 million users and continues to grow. Facebook offers access to a broad reach of candidates, and additionally offers numerous ways to target your audiences.

Set up a company profile page or personal account to share information about your organization, your employees, photos, news, fun facts, stories, jobs, events, and incentives – anything to promote the organization and engage potential job seekers.

Go ahead. Get started. See how phenomenal it can be.

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