Weekly DigiKnow: Timeline Coming to Facebook Brand Pages

February 17

Facebook announced this week that the new Timeline layout will soon be available for brand pages. Timeline for brand pages will be similar in structure and features to Timeline for personal pages but not an exact carbon copy, according to Facebook. There will be a staged release, but Facebook has yet to discuss any dates.

What does this mean for your brand page? First of all, the new layout allows for greater creative license. Brands can utilize the cover photo space to grab users’ attention while the boxes are ideal for promoting specific initiatives. Brands can also add historical material from dates prior to the page’s creation. Another feature is the ability to create custom apps within the boxes and prompt users to interact with the brand. Examples include polls and other widgets aimed at capturing user interests and preferences.

For more information check out the fMC webcast on February 29th from 12-6pm EST.

Sources: AdAge, Mashable

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