Weekly DigiKnow: LinkedIn Group Statistics

November 14

LinkedIn announced this past week that there are now over one million groups on its site. While this provides recruiters access to a plethora of niche communities within which they can search for candidates, the sheer volume can be overwhelming. Suppose you are looking to find Java Developers in London. A keyword search of "Java" returns nearly 2,000 groups! Where does one start? A new feature called Group Statistics can help.

The Group Statistics dashboard provides insight at a glance into elements including the group's demographics, activity, and growth trends. Using this new tool, you can quickly discover that, surprisingly enough, only 33% of the group 'IT London' actually live or work in London. And while 3% of the Java Developer Network group are from London, this represents 284 potential candidates. You can also use this dashboard to better find user groups to target with display advertising.LinkedIn Group Statistics

Source: LinkedIn

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