Weekly DigiKnow: Are People Talking About You?

October 12

While an increasing number of companies are adopting social media as part of their recruitment sourcing and branding strategies, there are still many questions concerning ROI. We know that we can’t compare a CPA from a Facebook Sponsored Story to the CPA of a Monster job posting – it’s akin to apples and oranges. So how do we measure? What’s the value of a “Like”? A comment? Are these former fans evangelizing your employer brand?

Facebook announced this week that they are providing several new Page Insights metrics to better assist organizations in gauging their reach. Going beyond impressions and “Likes”, the new data includes Friends of Fans, Weekly Total Reach, and People Talking about This. The latter metric is viewable not just by admins, but by any user who visits an organization’s page. Facebook Insights

Sources: Advertising Age, Inside Facebook

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