Refer Jobs with TMP’s TalentBrew WorkWithMe!

September 26

Leverage your employees (and their social networks) in your recruitment efforts with TMP’s revised TalentBrew WorkWithMe offering, just re-released in September. WorkWithMe is more than a job search; it is an easy to use tool that employees can employ to tap into their social networks to generate interest toward your company and, more importantly, referrals to open positions. Features include:

  • Automated or on-demand sharing of job opportunities across multiple social networks (including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)
  • Sharing of company news & announcements
  • Custom branding
  • The ability to be integrated into existing ERP messaging or used as a stand-alone
  • Metrics on the most active employees and sources utilized, along with names of referrals and their referees

Leveraging TMP’s TalentBrew platform, the WorkWithMe employee application is a simple way to easily refer jobs to individuals or entire networks. To learn more about how to tap into a large group of candidates through a tool that gives your current talent control over whom they contact, how often and which jobs – contact your TMP Representative today.

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