Retail Industry Update

July 18

Based on data collected by, the number of Retail job postings on their site has increased 22% to over 430,000 postings since May 2010. This is great news for job seekers looking for employment in the Retail Industry and another sign that the economy continues to recover. As for the types of jobs candidates are searching for, customer service, part-time, sales and call center continue to be tops in keyword searches. From a geographic standpoint, New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Houston are the top cities where Retail job searches are taking place.

This is consistent with what we are hearing from our Retail client base – that Customer Service continues to be a top priority within the organization. Providing excellent Customer Service means that their customers are able to have great experiences in their stores, which helps drive sales and repeat business. Ultimately, this all starts with hiring the right people for their organization.

In order to continue to drive sales as Retailers enter the busy summer and back to school season, expect to find deep discounts on products, in some cases marked down 50% or more.

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