Search Engine Optimization

February 15

Search Engines are the starting point for almost every web user. If your company isn't represented in the right search results, you're missing out on critical candidates and opportunities. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a way to enhance your Website visits and increase your visibility on search engines.

SEO is a simple, cost-effective solution that will direct consistent traffic to your company and your employment offerings. More than that, it will provide monitoring and reporting to show you results. Search Engine Optimization truly demonstrates how companies, regardless of size, can achieve strong rankings by following several key principles - meta-tag development, linking strategies, effective keyword choices and site design recommendations.

If you have a Website or are designing a new site, you can benefit from SEO. If your Website isn't listed with prime positioning or doesn't even have the ability to be viewed by the engines' spiders, you are missing out on potential visitors.

TMP offers two distinct choices for helping you with Search Engine Optimization. The first is a comprehensive SEO program based on an existing website. Our SEO Analysts will provide consultation and will review your pages, content, keywords, tags and provide recommendations, submit to engines and directories and supply reporting. In addition, TMP is offering a new service, geared towards the development of a new site design. Designing a site with the best SEO principles and practices is key to traffic. TMP will provide that right from the start, bringing in the latest ideas for content, layout and Internet rules with monitoring throughout the year.

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