2011 AONE Summary

May 19

As a reflection of our commitment to the Healthcare sector, TMP Worldwide participated in the 2011 American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) convention that was recently hosted in San Diego. Organizers reported that the attendance had increased from previous years, suggesting that the emerging economy is starting to impact healthcare in a positive manner. As a result of multiple conversations with nursing leaders throughout the country, we can report the following anecdotal trends:

  • New Grad RN hiring goals have increased from previous years, particularly on the West Coast. As we all know, the tendency is that staffing fluctuations tend to be initiated on the West Coast and filter out to other regions.
  • As increased staffing needs begin to surface, there is growing concern regarding the impact of potential retirees who will take action and leave the workforce – particularly in specialty areas like the Operating Room and Critical Care.
  • Alternate scheduling – 12 hour shifts are being eliminated and organizations are reverting to traditional 7/8 hour shifts. This is occurring in both union and non-union environments.
  • Recruiter competencies are being clearly defined and measured.
  • Several organizations are in the process of creating a workforce planning document in order to be prepared for when staffing needs abruptly change.

Generally, there is an increased sense of action being taken related to staffing and workforce preparedness. Although some organizations continue to report low turnover, there is a perception of unrest, and a desire to be prepared for changing recruitment and retention requirements.

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