TMP’s Alissa Story presents at MAHQ

May 19

Alissa Story

Alissa Story, Director of Healthcare Business Development, delivered a social media presentation at the Massachusetts Association of Healthcare Quality on April 28, 2011. Topics included a review of mobile Internet stats and how smartphones are adding to the boom in social media usage:

  • 90% of mobile Internet access is to socialize, and on average, Americans spend 2.7 hours a day socializing on mobile devices
  • Women aged 35-54 are the most active group in social mobilization
  • 48% of young adults get their news from Facebook (CHCF/Pew Research)
  • One in five Americans use social media sites as a source of healthcare information (Harris Interactive)
  • There are almost 10,000 mobile apps for healthcare, medical and fitness/wellness (
  • Over 1,000 communities on Facebook are for chronic illnesses

Alissa also discussed different examples of how hospitals and healthcare systems are using social media for things like crisis control, disease management, and connecting patients to others with similar diagnoses, and how many hospitals are now posting current ER wait times. One example is how Emerson Hospital in Boston “Skyped” a dad in Iraq so he could watch his son being born.

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