Measure Twice. Cut Once.

May 19

This is really important when laying new tiles – especially when you purchased them from the discontinued aisle and there were just enough available to cover your kitchen floor. I’ve done quite a bit of home remodeling, and this methodology has had a direct impact on the success of many projects.

It’s also pretty important when thinking about your recruitment advertising strategy – especially when you have just enough, or maybe not enough, budget available to develop an effective strategy. So, how do you accomplish this? Measure. Measure.

There are 101 ways to measure the success of your overall strategy, but for time’s sake (which we all need more of), let’s just talk about measuring the effectiveness of your recruitment advertising. Tracking the performance and efficiency of your advertising is a significant way to measure your return on investment (ROI). And I’m not talking about a drop-down menu for self-identification. Researchers have cited that over 70% of self-identifying methods are inaccurate. An applicant may select “company website” or “other” when asked how they discovered the career opportunity. In reality, they could have seen your ad days ago on a search engine, job aggregator, niche site, billboard or print publication.

In order to develop a successful advertising plan, you need to measure each component – from the candidate’s very first impression (which could have been days ago) to their final action (a completed application or successfully hired). How did the candidate learn about the opportunity? Was it the banner ad on the niche site, a custom email blast they received, or an ad they saw in a journal? Once they’ve seen the advertisement, what do they do? Do they click on it? Do they come back to it several days later? Do they complete the application or stop half way through it? Do they become one of your new hires?

Measuring all of this is key when defining which specific tactics are working the best, which specific creative resonates most, and where the applications and hires are coming from. TMP has the ability to track all of your offline advertising, digital and social marketing efforts, newsletters, and other recruitment strategies. Tracking and measuring your advertising allows you to refine your recruitment advertising and reduce your overall cost-per-hire.

Do you know the ROI on all your specific media tactics and creative campaigns? If not, we’d like to show you. After all, we’re pretty good at measuring.

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