Success Story - Mara Lucini

May 19

BIO: Mara Lucini, EMEA Permanent Hiring and Talent Attraction Program Manager Mara joined HP in 2000, and she has held several HR roles in Italy, including HR Operations, Rewards and Staffing. In January 2006, she moved to the EMEA Staffing team as a Program Specialist. Mara has a degree in Modern Literature and holds a Master’s degree in HR and Communications. She is based in Milan, Italy.

Mara currently manages sourcing channel strategy for HP’s EMEA region permanent hiring efforts, including strategic hiring initiatives in the region and globally. As the talent attraction program manager, she also has responsibility for employment branding continuity throughout all markets in EMEA, and she is account manager for all sourcing vendors, including social network and recruitment agencies.

The Transformation of Recruitment at HP

Mara was a keynote speaker in Barcelona at the Future of Recruiting HR conference in February and spoke about HP’s talent acquisition transformation over the past year. She specifically cited four key areas of focus that have turned HP’s staffing team into a global engine that fills over 75,000 requisitions per year with talent! Here are a few nuggets from her presentation.

  1. Branding: Recruiting starts with an employment branding campaign that is fully aligned with your corporate brand but speaks to the needs of talent acquisition around the world. One of the most successful things HP has done working in conjunction with TMP is create a brand campaign that exhibits actual HP employees and real stories to help candidates get a feel for the company, the culture and the people they could be working with. This provides a unified voice into the market and has yielded new employees who have already had a glimpse into their working life at HP.
  2. High Performing Recruiters and Recruitment 2.0 Tools:
    HP’s HR operating principles include an HR team committed to driving business initiatives and acting as consultants/advisors in talent acquisition, especially regarding being at the table for workforce planning and business transformation initiatives. Recruiters also need quality tools to be able to source quality candidates and move them through the recruiting process efficiently, without making candidates feel like a number. After a thorough analysis of the most effective sourcing channels, HP now provides recruiters with a range of tools to support external recruiting, including niche media, the implementation of social media channels, and the tried and true traditional media. In addition, HP has revamped its Employee Referral Bonus Program and promotion to encourage employees to refer quality candidates, regardless of where they work in the world, which has provided a solid pipeline of candidates for recruiters.
  3. Strategic Sourcing:
    HP has staffed and built a strategic sourcing group who roll up in reporting globally, but sit in local hot hiring markets to address immediate and long-term pipelining needs. This model allows the team to function cohesively and share best practices and lessons learned in the field. The sourcing team also utilizes tools and channels for passive candidate attraction and is active globally on the top social media channels and database search.
  4. Maximizing and Measuring Results:
    HP’s staffing mantra is all about return on investment (ROI). If you can’t measure it, it is difficult to get buy-in internally for talent attraction channels and tools. So, HP’s philosophy is to measure everything. For talent acquisition, this includes a Recruitment Scorecard which measures:
    • Quality – Standardized index established to measure the quality of the candidate before and at hire and then of the employee after the hire. This is structured at a global level and includes both hiring manager and candidate experience measurements.
    • Value Metrics – Dimension of recruitment that includes standard metrics such as TTH (track to hire) and CPH (cost per hire), but also measures recruiter impact and engagement.
    • Career Moves – Broad and deep work experiences are critical for ongoing development and talent movement globally.
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