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April 19

Reaching the right candidates in today's environment requires more than posting to job boards, more than taking advantage of job aggregators and more than even purchasing keywords or optimizing for organic search results. The fact is – your target candidates may not be actively looking in any of these places. They may not be actively looking at all. So, how can you get in front of them?

TalentBrew Banner Advertising

In order to extend the reach of your jobs, while providing your candidates with the optimal brand and user experience, TMP has created the TalentBrew Banner Advertising program. This allows your jobs to be taken directly from your job database and advertised across a targeted network of sites. How does this work? Simply put, TMP will create a banner look and feel based on your company brand. Then, we will include your target job areas or locations in the banner. Finally, our trained Search Engine Marketing team will target the ads based on demographics, geography, keywords or general disciplines – ensuring your ad is placed where your target candidates visit on the web while not looking for jobs.

In other words, we will reach target candidates on non-job related sites. We will target their interests, their profiles, their skill sets or their overall demographics. For example, if you have openings for Accountants and Auditors in the Midwest, we can run your banner ads only in the Midwest on Financial sites (or other sites that match your target profile). These do not have to be career-related sites; rather general interest web sites where your target candidates often visit. The end result will be your company's jobs in front of candidates – when they aren't even job hunting.

TMP can also leverage the latest technology to create customized rich media ads that allow candidates to interact with TalentBrew from the ad itself. The rich media ads can incorporate video, search, data capture and links to specific and targeted categories or locations. The modules can be placed on properties as well as social media outlets such as Facebook.

TalentBrew banner

TalentBrew Banners are a great way to reach candidates that you simply aren't reaching with traditional interactive means.

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