Does your website use Flash?

February 15

If so, recent news of a lawsuit and court judgment between Eolas Technologies and Microsoft might affect the usability of your career site. The overriding concern to you is that your users may now have to click their mouse button once on any digital Flash module for it to run, including play buttons, rollover menus, games, embedded links, etc. After the first click, everything will perform as usual. This does not affect self-running Flash movies.

In response to the most recent judgment, Microsoft has released a patch to its Internet Explorer in order to ensure that the one-click function works. The patch affects IE browsers 6 and above. Everyone has a reprieve for now, but the patch will be required in June.

TMP has responded quickly to this change and has already communicated with our clients who may be affected by this judgment. We will continue to keep abreast of every patch from the technology community and address any changes as needed. If you are a TMP client, you should have absolutely no concern. Our solutions with an digital edge are, once again, already in motion. This article is only to keep you informed of the details for your personal interest.

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