TMP Worldwide Launches Our New Web Site!

March 18

TMP Worldwide launched our new Web Site on Thursday, March 3. We are truly proud of our new site as it enhances our position as “The Digital Brand Authority”.

The content and navigation for the new site has been simplified, is more user friendly and designed for optimal accessibility. The site is SEO friendly and adheres to the latest industry web standards and best practices.

If you haven’t had a chance to look at the site, we invite you to take a look at

A “thank-you” goes out to the following TMP employees for the creation and development of our new website: Melissa Aguilera-Rober, James Maliszewski, Michael Spellacy, Bobby KC, Nick Manfre, Jennifer Coker, Jason Smiley, Dana Fitzgerald, Alec Drummond, Julie Gordon, Ted Kirschner, Drew Donley, Peter Zubek, Chris Stoddard, Alex Lais, Russell Miyaki, Lynda Harden, Steve Graham, Nathan Zamecnik, Pearly Tan, Tony Correa, Ruben Nieves, Dave Mechlin, Jason Smith and the entire Production department.

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