Product Profile - New TalentBrew Metrics Gateway

March 18

Visibility into metrics is essential for HR professionals to gauge the performance of any recruitment strategies. However, with tactics that are as far-reaching and changing as quickly as the Internet itself, it can be quite a task to obtain and consume all of the data that is available. That is why TMP has revised and re-released the Metrics Gateway – now expanded to report on (and drill down into) analytics around multiple web destinations, strategies and solutions.

Metrics at your fingertips

Your personal online portal to your metrics, the TalentBrew Metrics Gateway is the industry standard for metrics reporting. This powerful site pulls data from your different solutions, media plans and even TalentBrew optimized pages and data collection. All of the data is downloadable into multiple formats and can be searched via specific campaigns or date ranges. We’ll track your keyword rankings, your TalentBrew visitors, your opt-ins, your conversions and more. The metrics will be available to you to view 24/7 and to your TMP Campaign Analysts where applicable, who will help to explain not only your numbers but the factors that contributed to the rises and dips in traffic and conversions you will see.

TMP Campaign Analysts

What is New

The re-release of the TalentBrew Metrics Gateway includes:

  • Revised look, feel and usability
  • A per-user customizable dashboard
  • Unmatched drilldown capability that dives into user behavior per media property, including time on site, Google maps and time trends
  • Conversion data (apply clicks, applications or even hires – depending on the level of integration)
  • Ability to view data broken out per campaign or combined
  • New metrics on opt-in email sign-ups for pipeline management
  • Integration with TMP’s suite of online products, including Job Distribution, Candidate HQ and more

Whether you are utilizing TMP for custom media planning and Campaign Management, collecting data for email marketing, leveraging TalentBrew landing pages and extensions or more, the new Metrics Gateway is the place to track and analyze your metrics. Best of all, you’ll make leading edge and better informed decisions moving forward.

Campaign Management

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