Elizabeth Saury Serves As Panelist

February 28

TMP Worldwide's Elizabeth Saury, Director of Digital Strategy, served as a panelist for The Social Club of South Florida. This month's event focused on how HR Professionals use Social Media, including challenges and best practices. Other panelists included local brands such as City Furniture and FIU, as well as the VP of a company that recruits in the QSR space. The conversation revolved around how these brands use social media to connect with individuals, recruit candidates, and even how a candidate's online profile can hurt them in a job search. The session was followed by a QA session with attendees who wanted to know how to put their best foot forward in the social space when looking for a job. There were many surprised by the panelists' candor regarding how the social profile one keeps may hurt their own "brand" but continued these conversations at a local watering hole. The Social Club of South Florida was established in 2008, and hopes to bring awareness of the social space to the local community.

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