TalentBrew BITs (Branded Internet Templates)

February 28

Are you leveraging the power of the Internet in all of your recruitment strategies? Attracting candidates with keywords, banner ads, print, etc., is only part of the battle. Don't place a targeted advertisement and send traffic to a general website. You will increase the risk of frustrating candidates and experience an unnecessary level of user drop-offs.

TMP Worldwide's TalentBrew BITs are position/content specific landing pages aimed at "completing" the candidate experience. Using the same look and feel of your corporate website or TalentBrew site, these web pages can be created and customized with very specific content and made available very quickly. You can drive candidates to these pages from anywhere and be assured that the targeted information is available. Candidates can opt-in to learn more about your organization and answer specific questions; allowing you to capture valuable data on each candidate. The valuable data collected can be utilized for further communications with candidates.

Using proprietary TMP technology that allows for rapid design, creation and publishing of web pages and data capture forms; TMP can ensure that even the shortest of time frames are met. You will then be able to minimize the drop-off rate by following through on your advertising methods.


  • Strategy for use of targeted pages throughout the year at low cost
  • Designs that extend careers website and company brand
  • Ability to add modular features (data collection, email opt-in forms, etc.)
  • Ability to embed maps, videos, widgets
  • Leverage current apply process
  • Ability to add tracking tags for comprehensive analytics
  • Initial URL purchase for page publishing at a moment's notice


  • Extend web presence to support any recruitment initiative
  • Improve conversion rates with relevant and targeted content
  • data capture forms and email opt-ins
  • Quick-turn
  • Enhance and link back to careers site or TalentBrew site
  • Pre-priced templates

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