Provide A Mobile-Friendly Job Search To Your Candidates

February 15

Today’s Internet users are on the move. They are accessing the web and their email through their iPods, their Blackberrys and other devices as often as they are seated in front of a computer. Are you prepared to provide your target candidates with a mobile-friendly experience? Can candidates search for jobs at your company on a mobile device?

TalentBrew: Mobile Version

In order to ensure your candidates consistently receive the proper experience, TMP has created a mobile version of our TalentBrew platform. This ensures that wherever your candidates are surfing - desktop, laptop or mobile – your company and your jobs will always be in the proper format, tailored to them. How does this work? Simply put, the technology does the work – the same web address viewed will appear differently – and automatically – based on where the candidate is viewing your jobs and your site. Our TalentBrew platform will detect the browser/device and serve up the proper user experience.

If job seekers are viewing on a mobile device, they will be given the opportunity to search, view and email (themselves or their friends) jobs. The emails sent can be viewed at a later date, when the user is on a non-mobile device – better equipped for an online application process.

TMP has varying levels of mobile solutions based on budget and need. From a simple, mobile-friendly job search to a touch-screen/iPod friendly version, we will create a solution that fits your needs. In addition, since the mobile job search provides you with a mobile-friendly destination, TMP’s expert media planners can work with you on a mobile traffic-driving strategy to better get your word out to the mobile audience. These strategies can include anything from mobile search engines to SMS campaigns to mobile advertising, augmented reality and more – and TMP will ensure you are seen as innovative and best-in-class to your target candidates. Mobile TalentBrew is a great way to ensure all candidates have the proper experience and, at the same time, reach audiences that you simply aren’t reaching with traditional interactive means.

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