A Steady Increase In Technology Jobs

February 15

Since the last Technology update in June, the prediction of competition increasing for this talent skill set has come true. The Information Technology Industry Employment Trend reports on reveals since August 2010, the volume of technology jobs has steadily increased by 60% from one year ago — and this has held month over month through October 2010. In comparison, April — July saw the increase YOY hover near 30%.

To add a look at the future for this industry, in October, CNN Money released the Best Jobs in America 2010 article, of which 16 of the top 50 jobs were from the Information Technology sector. In the top ten were Software Architect as number one and Database Administrator at number seven.

In terms of which domestic markets are enjoying the positive growth, gave a nod to Austin, TX where the market "created 17,300 jobs between Sept. 2009 and Sept. 2010, a gain of 2.3%". It further went on to share that "during the same time, the San Jose, Calif., MSA, which comprises most of Silicon Valley, created 6,700 jobs, the first time in two years that the valley posted year-over-year job growth. In Seattle, meanwhile, overall employment was flat, despite a growing number of tech firms hiring there."

The attraction strategy for Technology candidates will need to step up for employers to successfully fill those growing openings, with quality candidates soon to have many options to choose from. On the flip side, retention is another focus to employ before your talent walks out the door - to prove to them why they should stay.

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