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February 15

Everybody is on Twitter these days. Your favorite department store, the local ice cream shop, your college friends. Twitter helps people stay informed about the latest news and trends by publishing content powered by its users and in real-time.

It is now also commonplace for companies to tweet their open positions. Making jobs available in the Twitter search engine and instantly viewable to followers is a growing tactic as well as an inexpensive addition to any recruiting strategy. With TalentBrew, the automatic delivery of jobs to Twitter just got a whole lot easier.

Why Tweet Jobs?

  • Ensure you have a Twitter presence
  • Ensure your jobs can be found in the Twitter database
  • Allow candidates to follow targeted job segments
  • Integrate jobs with other company news

What do TMP and TalentBrew have to do with Twitter?

  • TalentBrew creates your jobs in a format that is easily exported to Twitter
  • TMP can easily design your Twitter page and set up the automated job feeds into Twitter for you
  • TMP can consult on advanced Twitter strategies
  • TMP and TalentBrew can ensure your Twitter activity is tracked and reported

There are several ways to tweet your jobs. Let TMP and TalentBrew help make Twitter an effective recruitment vehicle for you.

Give your candidates a head start. Integrate your jobs through all you do. It's easy with TalentBrew.

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