TMP Government Digital Breakfast

February 15

This month's Digital Breakfast was held in the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, DC. The event focused on how mobile phones, iPods, iPads and other mobile devices have changed the way people access, consume, and share content and information. TMP Worldwide's Steven Ehrlich shared an overview of the mobile environment along with specific mobile user data with the audience before delving into recruitment-specific mobile strategies, tools and examples. The presentation covered topics from SMS and basic mobile websites to QR codes and Augmented Reality. Steve's focus, however, was not on the flashy technology, but more importantly on the need for organizations to develop and implement smart, measureable mobile strategies. The takeaways from Steve's presentation were simple: Make sure you engage your audience in ways in which they want to be engaged. Be contextually relevant. Use technology appropriately. Ensure that you conduct ongoing tests of your strategy.

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