Product Profile: TalentBrew Job Search Extensions

February 15

Today, surfing the Internet is all about having access to data as quickly as possible. Job seeking is no different — it is important to make it as easy as possible for candidates to find your jobs. How can you do this? By providing functional job searches and/or related jobs on all of your web properties.

TalentBrew Job Widgets

The power of TMP's TalentBrew solution extends well beyond the search-engine optimized job pages. TalentBrew is much more — it is about extending your brand and your jobs throughout the web. By making the job search functionality available on any of your websites, you can reach candidates in more ways — and more efficiently.

Start by thinking about all of the web pages you have today. Is there easy access to jobs on all of them? Or, do job seekers have to navigate through several websites and clicks just to get to your job search page to begin their process? Talent-Brew Job Widgets allow you to place a fully functional search on any of your existing web properties:

  • Career Site
  • Facebook Page
  • Blogs
  • Microsites
  • Landing Pages
  • External Advertising
  • And more...

Integrate your jobs through all you do. Give your candidates a head start. It's easy with TalentBrew.

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