Gen Y Meets Healthcare Reform Webinar

February 15

Greta Sherman recently hosted a Webinar for our clients on how Healthcare Reform will impact their organizations. This topic has many companies wondering how they will be affected— and how reforms will change their recruiting initiatives. Couple that with the fact that these organizations are also trying to manage multiple generations in the workplace with different needs; Generation Y will soon make-up over 50% of the workforce, at a time that Boomers are not able to retire due to the economy's impact on their retirement plans.

Greta's Webinar focused on the following:

  • Healthcare Reform: what does it mean to recruitment?
  • Generation Y: lessons to recruit, manage, engage and retain them.
  • Implications of Retiring Baby Boomers: a new workforce who expect work/life balance and a different social contract with their employer.
  • Mass Exodus: your employees have weathered the recession, but are they now looking to "jump ship" with a more engaged employer?

September 9th
Indiana & Kentucky Associations for Healthcare Recruitment Annual Meeting
Greta Sherman presenting: "Gen Y Meets Healthcare Reform"
Indianapolis, IN

September 24th
Adventist Health System Annual Human Resources Conference
Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel, Tampa, FL
Greta Sherman presenting: "The Changing World of Healthcare Recruitment and Retention"

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