The Mobile Phenomenon

February 15

I went to the movies recently to watch Eclipse (yes, I'm a slow adopter to the Twilight series). Since I am a little behind on the Twilight saga and was going with my Aunt, who is a die hard fan, I decided to read up on the trilogy - via my Blackberry. It seemed interesting enough, so I Googled the movie showing times and told her what time to meet me. Arriving at the theater, I counted six people on their phone. There were only ten in line. We grabbed our popcorn, sat in the middle row, and I looked around. To my left was a couple "flipping" through photos on an iPhone. To my right was a guy texting someone. On the screen was an advertisement for a popular name-brand soda, telling everyone to text *xyz* to *1234* for a free soda. As the light finally dimmed, one final message appeared across the screen that asked everyone to turn off their mobile devices. Everyone put their phone on silent, but dared not turn it off — they might miss something during the two-hour time span.

We've all seen it, and over half of us are guilty of it — using our mobile devices 24/7. We use it at work, in the car, on vacation, at the grocery store, while we're exercising, waiting on a Dr's appointment or watching a movie. From phone calls to text messaging, instant messaging, emailing, seeking information or finding directions, our mobile devices are our right hand man (or woman).

Knowing that over one-third of Americans have used a cell phone or Smartphone to access the internet for emailing, instant-messaging or information-seeking, you as employers should capitalize on this. The mobile medium is one of the top ways your audience networks and communicates, so take advantage of it.

This mobile phenomenon is no exception to healthcare. Studies have shown that healthcare professionals are part of this growing audience as well. More and more Nurses and Physicians are using mobile devices, and in a number of ways.

About 80% of all US physicians will be using smart phones by 2012, and not just for drug reference or clinical information. An explosion of new healthcare professional-facing apps-over 1,500 in Apple's app store alone-will expand mobile device usage to include patient care and administrative functions, according to a Manhattan Research survey.

A media survey company conducted a survey on how nurses utilize mobile devices. Over 80% of nurses indicated that they use their phones to check and send emails. Over 70% said they use their phone to record notes and memos and 50% said they use it for drug prescription reference. This is most likely because nurses are always on the go. They are not sitting in front of a computer all day, so they utilize their "pocket computer" that goes everywhere with them.

You have the ability to go everywhere with them too. Utilizing mobile technology is the perfect way to reach healthcare professionals. It is an essential recruitment marketing tool that allows you to reach and attract job seekers. With the ability to send text messages, play games, view videos, launch websites and more all via your mobile phone, mobile marketing provides a unique response tool that allows job seekers to engage with your organization in a new and innovative way.

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